About Polysoude

Within the group, the orbital welding sector is covered by Polysoude. As well as power sources for tube welding, weld heads are also supplied. So-called closed chamber weld heads are clamped on both sides of the weld seam and thus form a closed chamber for shielding gas and arc. During the welding process, the weld head remains fixed whilst the electrodes sprocket with the tungsten electrodes revolves around the tube. In contrast, the open weld heads are clamped to only one side of the weld seam. During welding, the water-cooled open torch, supplied by multi-channel hose, rotates around the tube. For maximum automation, weld heads / slides can be fitted with motorized AVC (arc voltage control), torch oscillation and additional positioning axes. Welding with or without filler wire is optional. In addition to equipment for tube welding, manipulators and auxiliary equipment for mechanised welding is manufactured.

The sectors supplied include the aerospace, food and chemicals, boiler making and power station construction industries.

Product portfolio

Orbital welding machines, automated tube welding, MIG/MAG, TIG and plasma processes

Target markets



Power stations, aerospace, chemical and food, pipeline construction