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Imprint Global Welding Technologies AG

Global Welding Technologies AG
Strasse 2a, Objekt M8
Industriezentrum Niederösterreich Süd
A-2355 Wiener Neudorf, Austria
T: +43 2236 6706-0
F: +43 2236 6706 99 101
E: office@global-welding.com

CEO | Ing. Martin Merstallinger
CFO | Dr. Johannes Franner

Legal form: Public company
Registration office: LG Wiener Neustadt, FN 250953z
ATU 57632388

responsible for the content: Dipl.-Ing. Martin Wihsbeck

This webpage may contain details regarding property rights and information about copyrights to be observed and complied with. In particular, this applies for logos, pictures, voice files, and videos. It is allowed to download, print, and store files of this website for the exclusive private use; usage in addition to that requires the explicit consent of the Global Welding Technologies AG. The Global Welding Technologies AG does not assume liability for data loss or other technical impairment resulting from regarding data of this website or downloading data from this website. With links to other websites the Global Welding Technologies AG does not assume liability for their content.

Global Welding Technologies AG, IZ NÖ Süd, Straße 2a, Halle M8, A-2355 Wiener Neudorf, T: +43 2236 6706-0, F: +43 2236 6706 99101, Mail: office@global-welding.com
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