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About igm

igm Robotersysteme AG was formed in 1967 in Vienna under the name Industriegeräte und Maschinenfabriks-Gesellschaft as a trading company for welding technology products. Simultaneously with the move to the current location in the industrial area of Wiener Neudorf, the development of own robots especially suitable for arc welding commenced. The first model, the Limat 2000 was introduced to the market in 1979 and already equipped with two torches, was an extremely innovative piece of equipment at that time. Even then, the predominant feature was the hollow shaft in the wrist axis through which all the welding media were led. This allowed the torch to be rotated through 720°. The first articulated robot was subsequently introduced in 1983. Since then, igm manufactures custom welding robot equipment which is exported throughout the world. The current RTE 400 range can be equipped for most of the arc-welding processes.
The igm reputation as a specialist for large-scale projects is based on a steady stream of major contracts from the heavy engineering industry since the 1980s. Indeed, the floor track systems of up to 100 m in length are designed to cater for the special requirements of this industry. Components with larger than standard dimensions, such as those found in bridge construction and ship building, are manufactured using  welding gantries capable of taking components of up to 25 m in width and 8 m in height. An integral component of the robotic systems is the self-developed application control software, which thanks to its ease of learning provides exceptional advantages for the system operator. A series of sensors for measuring components and tolerance compensation (e.g. the self-developed laser camera iCAM) as well as an offline programming system complete the product portfolio.

Product portfolio

Robotic welding systems, flexible manufacturing lines, compact welding cells

Target markets

Europe, USA, Russia, China, India, Korea


Earth moving, cranes, railway engineering, special vehicles, truck manufacturing industry  


igm Robotersysteme AG
Strasse 2a, Objekt M8,
Industriezentrum Niederösterreich Süd
2355 Wiener Neudorf, Österreich
T: +43 (2236) 6706-0
F: +43 (2236) 6706 99 101
W: www.igm.at

Global Welding Technologies AG, IZ NÖ Süd, Straße 2a, Halle M8, A-2355 Wiener Neudorf, T: +43 2236 6706-0, F: +43 2236 6706 99101, Mail: office@global-welding.com
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