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Global Welding Technologies - WELDING THE WORLD TOGETHER!

The igm group has been operating since 2006 as Global Welding Technologies AG and is the holding company of igm Robotersysteme, GBT (Global Beam Technologies), Polysoude and Oxytechnik. With these companies in the group, the complete spectrum of welding technology from arc welding through laser beam to electron beam welding is catered for.

Core competencies are categorized as follows:

  • Automation of welding technology
  • Application-oriented process metallurgy
  • Operator-friendly controls and programming
  • Production-related systems engineering

Global Welding Technologies AG is active throughout the world in the interests of its customers under the motto "Your problem is our solution".

Global Welding Technologies AG, IZ NÖ Süd, Straße 2a, Halle M8, A-2355 Wiener Neudorf, T: +43 2236 6706-0, F: +43 2236 6706 99101, Mail: office@global-welding.com
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